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Mistakes in Daily Use of Dehumidifiers

The power supply

Before using, make sure the power supply voltage is 220V and 50Hz. Use special socket as far as possible, must not use a perforated socket, and make sure the socket has ground treatment. Don't fold the superfluous power cord in an abnormal way.

Clean the power plug when you plug it in. Turn off the power when cleaning the dehumidifier. Turn off the power when not in use for a long time. When unplugging, do not pull the power cord to unplug. Don't plug in when your hands are wet. Do not use power drawing and plugging to control the start and stop of the dehumidifier. Be careful not to break the wire when moving the dehumidifier.


Do not put the dehumidifier and dehumidifier adapter side or upside down when moving or collecting. Move the dehumidifier and dehumidifier adapter directly by lifting the handle or using a universal wheel. Please empty the water out of the tank before moving or removing it.

1. Do not stick your finger or stick into the grating.

2. Do not let the child climb, stand or sit on the dehumidifier.

3. Any maintenance must be carried out by profession persons.

4. When using the dehumidifier, the operation of the compressor will generate heat, so the room.

5. The temperature will rise 1 ~ 3 ℃, which is a normal phenomenon.

6. Do not place anything in the water tank.

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