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3D Printer Adapter

According to the way of working, printers can be divided into stylus printer, inkjet printer, laser printer, etc. Stylus printer prints character graphics through physical contact of the printer with paper, and the other two print the graphic characters by spraying toner. According to the application, printers can be divided into office and universal printer, commercial printer and special printer; The new style printers include Bluetooth printer, home printer, portable printer, and network printer.

Xinsu Global is a professional manufacturer of power adapters, whose product is suitable for all kinds of printers. The power adapters have various specifications with a range of 3W- 220W, 0.3 A - 11A, such as 9V 1 A power adapter, 12V 1A power adapter, 12V 2 A power adapter, 12V 6A power adapter, 12V 7.5A power adapter, 8A power adapter 12V, 24V2.5A power adapter, 24V 8.33A power adapter and so on, which can be applied to 3D printers, POS machine, portable printers, printer Bluetooth adapter, and so on. Xinsu Global provides reliable power adapters that have passed the latest IEC62368 standard and DOE VI energy efficiency standard for printers.
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