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Electric Wheelchair Charger

Electric wheelchair is a wheelchair that is driven by kinds of electric motors rather than manpower. Motorized wheelchairs are very helpful for those who have lost autonomous mobility in these traditional senses or may need to use a wheelchair for distances or over terrain which would be fatiguing in a manual wheelchair. Not only is it useful for those who lose autonomous mobility in these traditional senses, but it is also important for patients with serious cardiovascular disease.

The electric wheelchair consists of a drive system, a battery pack, a controller and a seat. The electric motors of wheelchairs are usually powered by 12 to 80 ampere-hour rechargeable batteries. A small capacity battery pack is often used as a group to ensure that the battery is used for a day. Many electric wheelchairs carry an external battery charger that can charge the battery.

For example, 24V 2A lead-acid battery chargers which are mainly made up of AC power cord and charger unit. Usually the AC power cord is detachable and can be replaced with a different AC line with the unused pins depending on the use of the market. There are also one-piece appearance guests to choose from.

Xinsu Global Electric wheelchair charger has the following advantages: high efficiency with nature cool, high quality components that come from global famous brands, reliable solutions make the charger long life.

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