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Golf Cart Charger

  • The battery is not used for a long time; it will slowly discharge, therefore, at regular intervals, golf cart should start a time and the battery should be charged.
  • When the ammeter pointer displays that the storage capacity is insufficient, please charge in time.
  • When use the special charger to charge, and put it in a cool ventilated place that avoid high temperature and humidity.
  • Do not use organic solvent to clean the storage battery shell.
  • Do not use the battery positive and negative points in short circuit to avoid risk.
  • Do not over-charging: the charging time should be according to the distance traveling, the longer the mileage, the longer charging time is, and conversely, charging short.
  • Xinsu Global is specializing in the production of safety certificated battery chargers, 16.8v3a golf cart lithium battery charger, 28.8v3a golf cart battery charger for 25.6V battery; 58.4v2a golf cart lithium battery charger, 58.4v3a golf cart lithium battery charger,58.4v 4a golf cart lithium battery charger; 54.6 v2a golf cart battery charger, 54.6v5a golf cart battery charger, 36v2.5a golf cart lead-acid battery charger, 36v5a golf cart lead-acid battery charger, 12.6v5a golf cart charger, 42v2a golf cart charger, 42v3a golf cart charger, 42v5a golf cart charger. 5v golf cart charger, 12v golf cart charger, 24v golf cart charger, 36v golf cart charger, 48v golf cart charger, 58.7v golf cart charger, 60v golf cart charger, 72v golf cart charger, 73v golf cart charger and so on, any inquiries, welcome to contact Xinsu Global, a professional manufacturer to make practical and safe power supply, being an enterprise with honesty and responsibility. All safe power components are purchased from the qualified agent or original factory, which make sure the materials going through the proper channels.
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