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Water Pump Adapter

During the long process of using the water pump, the pump bearing bracket and pump housing wears, pump body cracks and fractures, water pump cavitation and erosion wear appears, etc. For afore-mentioned problems, traditional solution is machining repair after welding or brush plating for the enterprise, but both show certain disadvantages: since high-temperature thermal stress caused by repair welding cannot completely eliminate, it is easy to damage the material and lead to bend or break parts. And brush plating has the limit for coating thickness that it is easy to peel. Two methods above are with metal repair of metal, it cannot change "hard to hard" cooperate relationship and under the force combination, it still will cause wear again. Application of high polymer material can reduce teardown and repair with no welding thermal stress effect, welding high-temperature thermal stress and thickness restriction. The rolled back character of the product which metal materials do not have can absorb the impact of vibration equipment, avoid wear and tear, and greatly prolong the service life of equipment components, and save a lot of downtimes, create huge economic value for the enterprise.

Water Pump Power Adapter Model: 24V1.2A water pump power adapter, 24V1.5A water pump power adapter, 24V2A water pump power adapter, 24V2.3A water pump power adapter, 24V3A water pump power adapter, 24V4A water pump power adapter, 12V1.25A water pump power adapter, 12V6A water pump power adapter, 19V4.74A water pump power adapter, 42V2A water pump power adapter, etc. Xinsu Global is specialized in the production of safe and efficient power supply product, all products have international safety certification UL, cUL, FCC, PSE, CCC, CE, CB, TUV/GS, LVD, EMC, KC, RCM, SAA, C-Tick, PSB approved…and have passed the latest IEC62368, 60065, 61558, and 60335 safety standard.
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