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Self-Balancing Unicycle

With the increase of urban population, there are more and more vehicles on the road, leading to more and more crowded. Many cities' restrictions on the car license plate, leading to electric one become fashion and practical personal transportation. Sometimes it's called an electric skateboard or an electric scooter. Because the volume is small, the weight is light, easy to ride and carry. The direction and acceleration are controlled by the balance of manpower.

The enthusiasm for electric unicycle has led to many well-known brands, ONEWHEEL, AIRWHEEL, SOLOWHEEL, SWAGTRON, wheelheels and so on.

Most electric wheels use lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and some lead-acid batteries.

Due to the battery reason, the electric wheels are very strict with the charger. Due to the uneven quality of the battery charger in the market, many fire incidents occurred during the charging process. So when buying a charger, you must buy a certified charger.

Xinsu is professional in product safety and approved charger. It has 10-year experience in research, development, and manufacturing. What is commonly used in the charge on the electric wheels are 29.2V 2A lead-acid battery charger, 29.4V 2A lithium battery charger, 42 V 1.5 A one wheel charger, 42V 2A charger, electric skateboards chargers, 58.4V 2A battery charger, lithium iron phosphate 58.4V 3.5A battery charger, etc.
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