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24W Interchangeable Adapter

specification of 24w interchangeable adapter

Features of 24W Series Interchangeable plug Adapter

  • Designed in USA, Made in China
  • Global Certificates.
  • Case Material: PC, GE brand.
  • Fully sealed by ultrasonic welding.
  • Capacitor imported from Taiwan.
  • Support Interchangeable plug, EU, UK, US, AU, KR, JP, and CN Optional.
  • Protection: Over Load/Over Voltage/Over Current/Over Temp/Short-Circuit.
  • LED indicator show work status
  • Meet Energy Efficiency VI, Comply with CEC VI, DOE VI.
  • Comply With The Newest Safety Standard: UL62368, EN62368, IEC62368, IEC60950, IEC61558, and IEC60335.
  • Support customized Label and DC connector.

Specification Sheet Download

GS  Download - Certificate No.: Z1A160394747 001;Standard:EN60950-1:2006/A2:2013 AfPS GS 2014:01 PAK 3.1;
Verify website:
CE Download-Certificate No.: 16AS03133L 950A; Standard:EN60950;
Verify website:
UL Download - Certificate No.:E481515; Standard:UL60950;
Verify website:
FCC Download - Certification No.:16AE03133F 002;Standard:47CFR FCC Part 15 Subpart B:2015; ANSI C63.4:2014;
Verify website:
CB Download -Certificate No.:SG-OF-14340;Standard:IEC60950-1(ed 2) am1,am2;
Verify website: www.tuv.com
PSE Download - Certificate No.: JP1667; Standard:J60950,J55022,J3000;
Verify website:
C-TICK Download -Certificate No.: 15AE09078A 002;Standard: AS/NZS CISPR 22:2009+A1:2010;
Verify website:
SAA Download - Certificate No.: SAA-152670-EA;Standard: SAA-152670-EA;
Verify website:
RCM Download - Certificate No.: POC16014424; Standard: AS/NZS 60950.1 2011 inc A1,SA-152670-EA;
Verify website: https//
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