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Smart Helmet Charger

Intelligent helmets are a new type of smart device that frees your hands to do other things. Baidu is the first intelligent helmet developer in China, collecting communication, GPS positioning, video image collection, Bluetooth transmission, night vision function into one. Widely used in security, fire, emergency rescue and other fields. BROOKLYNESS Urban Mobility research and develop a kind of intelligent cycling helmet, which can according to the acceleration, gestures and other functions like the auto lamp, and also works like cameras and blind spot warning, etc. The smart helmet belongs to a kind of wearable intelligent equipment.

The smart helmet has an internal battery pack, which is commonly used in single-section or two-segment 18650 lithium batteries, some use the Ni-MH battery packs.

In the charge of the smart helmet, Xinsu Global electronics is cooperating with a military industrial enterprise to produce the 18650 smart helmet charger that with CCC, UL, PSE, CE, GS, CE, SAA, KC and other international certifications, real military quality charger manufacturers.

The 4.2V1A lithium-battery intelligent helmet charger has protection for over temperature, over voltage, over current, short circuit, over charge that prevent damaging the battery. 100% of burn-in test before leaving the factory ensures that every charger work properly.

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