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Electric Motorcycle Charger

Electric motorcycle is also an electric car with battery pack to drive. It consists of the battery pack, the drive control system and the motor three main parts, electric power drive and control system is the core. Electric motorbikes are made of two rounds or three rounds.

Domestic famous electric motorcycle brands have yadi, green source, new day and so on. More famous brands abroad are Alta, Victory Motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles and so on.

Lead-acid batteries have high current output and high capacity which is favored by electric scooters. 12V, 24V 36V 48V lead-acid batteries are more common specifications. Because the battery pack is high, it requires a large current and a long charge of 5-8 hours, maybe even a couple of hours. We must pay attention to selecting the high-quality charger when choosing the charger because the inferior chargers cause the electric car to catch fire during the charging process.

In addition, when using the charger, it is important to remember to unplug the charging interface when charge the charger, so as to preventing accidents due to rising temperature.

Xinsu Global Electronic Co., Limited electric motorcycle battery chargers have the protective precautions for over voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit, backflow, to ensure that consumers are safe, stable and reliable in the process of use.

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