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Balance Car Charger

The design of two-wheel self-balancing electric vehicles has the following characteristics:

  • Environmentally friendly. The storage battery is applied to power the electric vehicles, which is completely pollution-free, absolutely green, and can be repeatedly utilized.
  • The turning radius is very small-- basically approaching 0, enabling the vehicle to be used in small spaces.
  • No braking system.
  • People can control the direction and speed of the balancing vehicle through leaning, so it is convenient to control. In addition, the vehicle is more flexible than traditional cars.

Chargers for the balance car are 67.2V 2A lithium battery charger, 24V 5A charger, 24V 8A charger, 36V 2A charger, 42V 2A charger, 42V 2.5A charger, 48V 1.5A charger, 48V 2A charger, 16.8V 2A charger, 29.4V 2A charger, 58.8V 2A charger,  and 29.4V 6.1A charger, etc.

The safety of power chargers is the most important. Xinsu Global only produces secure, green and reliable products, which are in accordance with a variety of safety certifications. Your inquiries are warmly welcomed.
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