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Reliability And Safety of the 67.2V Lithium Battery Electric Car Charger

A. 220W high power lithium battery quick charger: precision imported IC control of output charging current special and non-single triode constant current, monitoring each cycle with current limiting circuit design to prevent overcharge current thus protecting battery and prolonging the service life of the battery. The heat sink is up to 80% coverage for better heat dissipation.

B. 67.2 v charger has a soft start function and can withstand frequent switch start without causing damage to the power supply.

C. Overcurrent protection: output current *130%

D. Overvoltage protection:  output voltage *115%--135%

E. Short circuit protection: the power supply will not be damaged when the short-circuit of output occurs. When the output short circuit is removed, the power supply will still be output normally.

F. High efficiency, low heating temperature, sufficient current, sufficient power, complete protection function, low ripple interference, no noise, CE, ROHS certification.

G. The charging time is adjustable, with an LED indicator. When AC power is connected to charge, the LED indicator shows red. When full, the LED indicates green light; With precision voltage and current detection, overcharge is effectively prevented and charge dissatisfaction is completely eliminated.

H. 67.2 v charger has a soft start function and can withstand frequent switch start without causing damage to the power supply.

I. The shell is made of PC industrial grade material which is fireproof and inflammable. And the resistant temperature is 75℃.

G. The input and output lines are of high quality, corrosion resistance without any crack.

K. Three-layer corrugated box packaging without additional packaging.

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