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LED Lamp Adapter

Because of competitive LED power adapter market, LED power products are becoming homogenized, lacking innovation and competitiveness, and the quality is also worrying. And on the other hand, as the core parts of lamps and lanterns, high power LED power supply which is mainly used in outdoor environment, is much concerned by the manufacturers about its high reliability, high stability, long life and other aspects.

It is as small and convenient as possible to fit the design of the shell, and it uses smaller components to achieve efficiency and reliability requirements. In the case of meeting the heat dissipation requirement, the size of the radiator and the overall structure of the power supply are reduced to maximize control and reduce the cost. Reliability has always been one of the "pain points" of the LED power adapter in the market. The reliability of power supply not only directly affects the life of the lamp and the cost of customer service, but also directly influences the reputation of the LED power adapter supplier. Excellent design, rigorous verification test, material quality control, these are the guarantee of the reliability of LED power products. Xinsu Global is specialized in the production of safe and reliable power supply.  5V1A LED power adapter, 9V2A LED power adapter, 12V1A LED power adapter, 12V1. 5A LED power adapter, 12V2A LED power adapter, 12V3A LED power adapter, LED power adapter 12V5A, 18V1A LED power adapter, 18V0.75A LED power adapter, 24V0.3A LED power adapter, 24V0.6A LED power adapter, 24V0.85A LED power adapter, 24V1A LED power adapter, 3W – 220W power adapter are all available in Xinsu Global. All brand Xinsu global products have passed international quality approvals such as UL, FCC, CUL, CB, CE, GS, PSE, PSB, SII, BSMI, SABS, SAA, C-tick, RCM, CCC and VI energy consumption. And they also meet the standards of IEC62368, IEC60950, IEC60335, and IEC61558, etc.
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