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E-BIKE Charger

Electric vehicles have become popular as a means of transportation.
The charger is a device for supplying electric power to the battery. It is generally divided into two phase charging modes and three phase charging modes. Two stage charging mode: first constant charging, charging current gradually reduced with the rise of battery voltage, when battery power to a certain extent, the battery voltage will rise to the set value of the charger, at this time into trickle-down charging. Three stage charging mode: charge with constant current at the beginning of charge, and replenish the battery quickly; When the battery voltage rises to constant charge, the battery energy is slowly replenished and the battery voltage continues to rise. When reach the charging termination voltage value of the charger, turn to trickle charging to maintain the battery and supply the self discharge current.

Xinsu Global provides various of E bike chargers: 13s 48v dc 54.6v 2a electric bike lithium battery charger for 48v 12ah e bike battery;36 volt lithium ion battery charger for e bike;120W 48v Smart E Bike Battery Charger;12volt 24v 36v 48volt 60v portable E bike battery charger;14.5v 14.6v 3a 5a lifepo4 battery charger for E-BIKEwith CB GS UL;
73V Lifepo4 60V electric motorcycle , e-bike battery charger;12v 24v 36v48v 60v 72v electric bicycle and e bike rohs battery charger;E-Bike Battery 36V Electric Bike Battery Charger;24v 3a 36v 2a 48v 2a green electric bicycle e bike lithium ion battery pack charger;54V2.5A fast charger for 72V 48V 36V Electric E Bike Bicycle; 48v 3a ebike  lead acid battery charger;ebike charger 25.2V 5A Li-ion Battery Charger;E-bike charger 12.6V Li-ion Battery Charger;12.6v 10a lithium ebike battery charger;12.6V2A 16.8V1.5-2A 29.4V1A 25.2V1A 36v electric ebike portable power battery charger;Three-stage CC/CV 51V 2A LiFePO4 electric bike battery charger;E-bike li-ion battery charger 29.4v and so on.

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