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The Trend And Prospect of The Power Adapter

Power adapter first appeared in the mid-1980s. Japanese Toshiba, first used the switching power supply technology in external power supply for the laptop. It started a new page in the history of power adapter development, and also became the world's first independent notebook power adapter. Since using the technology of switch power supply in external power supply, notebook doesn't need to take the heat generated by the power transfer that gathered in the laptop itself into consideration, and the power adapter is much easier to carry that effectively improves the commercialization and popularization of notebook.

At present, the power adapter with high frequency has become the development direction. High frequency lessens the size of switch power supply, making the power adapter into a wider range of applications, especially in the high and new technology application field. This promotes the miniaturization of high technology products, and makes them much portable. In addition, the development and application of the power adapter have important significance in the aspect of saving energy, saving resources and protecting the environment.  We Xinsu global is trying our best to provide you switching power supply and power adapter with high quality, international safety certifications.

The Trend And Prospect of The Power Adapter
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