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Photographic Equipment Adapter

Advantages of digital camera:

  • Pictures can be seen immediately after taking the photo.
  • Just pay for the photos that you want to flush.
  • Color reduction and color range no longer depend on the quality of film.
  • The sensitivity is no longer fixed by film; it can provide a variety of sensitivity choices.
  • The product structure is relatively simple, the appearance is more exquisite, and the products are more and more convenient to carry.
  • The operation of the digital camera is simple, clear and easy.

Shortcomings of the digital cameras:

  • Compared with optical cameras, it is lack of layers.
  • The color of the image is different from the actual object.
  • Due to the lack of core technology in China, maintenance costs are high in the later stage

Power adapter for digital camera: 15V8A power adapter for digital camera, 15V4A power adapter for digital camera, power adapter18V3A for digital cameras, 18V3.5A power adapter for digital camera etc. Shenzhen Xinsu Global electronic co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of power adapters and battery charger. Products range from 3W – 220W, output voltage 3 v ~ 73 v, output current 0.3 ~ 11 a. and have passed the American UL, FCC, Canada CUL, European CB, CE, GS, Australia SAA, C - tick, RCM, Japan PSE, Singapore PSB, Israel SII, Taiwan BSMI, SABS in South Africa, China CCC certifications. Moreover, Xinsu Global have got the latest DOE VI energy efficiency, all with IEC62368, IEC60065, IEC61558, IEC60335 safe standards. Xinsu Global is committed to producing the practical and safe products and regularly checking the incoming materials and online products to make sure the products’ stability. The safe power components are purchased from qualified agents or original factory, which makes sure the materials can go through the proper channels. If you are looking for high-quality power adapters, welcome to contact Xinsu Global.
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