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Power Adapter for electric fans: 9V1A electric fan power adapter, 9V2A electric fan power adapter, 12V1A electric fan power adapter, 12V2A electric fan power adapter, 12V0.75A electric fan power adapter, 12V4A electric fan power adapter, 15V1A electric fan power adapter, 16V8A electric fan power adapter. Xinsu Global provides safe and reliable power adapters with 100% of raw materials from safe suppliers, and all products meet with IEC62368, 61558, 60335, 60065 safety standards. There are several suggestions for electronic fan energy saving:
  • Because the technical threshold of electronic fan is low, fan industry products on the market are uneven, so when choosing and buying high-quality products, it is necessary to choose the famous brand products that can ensure the quality.
  • Since the electric fan can directly convert electrical energy into kinetic energy, power consumption is very low that the highest power just 60w. From the point of saving energy, using electric fans in midsummer season is undoubtedly the best choice. And using electric fans with air conditioning which the temperature is set between 26 ℃ ~ 28 ℃ will save electricity.
  • For the use of fan itself, general fan blades are bigger and fan power is bigger, and the consumption of electrical energy is much more. Usually, turn on the fan at fast speed, and use the low speed after it cools down, which can reduce the power consumption of electric fans. Use mid-range or slow gears when the air volume meets the use requirements.
  • It is better to place the electric fan near the door or the window, that's more convenient for air circulation, increasing the cooling effect and reducing the power consumption.
  • Pay attention to fan's maintenance. Maintaining its good performance to a certain extent is also benefit to electricity saving.
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