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Electric Blanket Adapter

What's the general power of electric blanket?

  • Electric blankets include electric blanket and double electric blanket. The power of general single electric blanket is around 60W, and the power of double electric blanket is between 120W – 150W. Commonly electric blanket is with temperature control, so it can set the temperature according to the need for the actual use. General electric blanket consumes 1 degree power for 25 hours, so every night it is with the power consumption about 0.5 degrees.
  • At present, the electric blankets are generally between 50w and100w in the market, no lower than 50w.
  • In fact, we can take some measures to reduce the electric blanket power when using it: extent the resistance wire, 15 meters long for nearly 100w, 30 meters for nearly 50 watts, 15 meters to 30 meters to do the tap, then the power of the electric blanket has different levels that can adjust the power of the electric blanket; Also it can be equipped with two-way thyristor voltage regulation circuit with ballast resistance to adjust the effect of an electric power, which is one of feasible way to reduce the heating power.
Commonly electric blankets use 30V2A electric blanket power adapter, 24V2A electric blanket power adapter, 24V5A electric blanket power adapter, 24V6.25A electric blanket power adapter 12V1.5A electric blanket power adapter, 12V2A electric blanket power adapter, 12V5A electric blanket power adapter. Xinsu Global as a professional manufacturer for power adapters, is committed to providing green, safe and reliable power supply products to all the customers. The models are with the range of 3W-220W, 3V-73V 0.3A-11A. All products are safety standards approved, like IEC62368 60065 61558 60335 60065, and CE, ROHS, SAA UL FCC PSE KC TUV/GS…Xinsu Global is willing to do business with customers all around the world.
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