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Charger For Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The drone is an emerging electronic product in recent years, China's Dajiang drone has a market share of more than 70 percent in this industry. Drones are used in areas such as military, agriculture, transportation, and photography.

Drones generally consist of three components. Motor, drive battery, remote control equipment. The maximum range of drones currently is about 30 minutes. Because the range of the drone has a large impact on its own weight, the capacity of the battery is affected by its weight volume.

So usually a drone commonly is equipped with multiple rechargeable batteries, thus providing the longer use time.

Xinsu is currently cooperating with many drone companies, such as Norway's first drone. The drone uses four batteries of lithium, and the charger is 16.8v 5A. There is a wearable armlet that can be used to tap users.

For the drone charger, Xinsul also has a charger that with two output channels and can charge two battery packs at the same time. They do not affect each other.
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