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Beauty Apparatus Charger

The amazing thing about beauty devices is the devices used to make people more beautiful. Such as the tooth-cleaning machine, laser-cosmetology instrument, weight-loss instrument, health-care instrument and so on. With the improvement of people's living level, more and more people pay attention to health. The personal beauty instrument is very popular, it is convenient for privacy and can be used in the family or other personal place.

Some of these devices are powered by a built-in battery, and some are driven by external or built-in power.

The built-in battery is mainly used for nickel and lithium batteries, small size, large energy density, and the same volume of batteries can make the beauty meter work longer.

The external power supply class is usually driven by the DC power supply device, which is the power supply device that converter AC to DC voltage.

The external charger of Xinsu Global Electronic Co., Limited, has IEC61558 and IEC60335 standards, double Y capacitors, low ripple, voltage precision, according to multiple protective mechanisms. The use of safety and stability is reliable. High energy efficiency, small temperature rise, small volume and easy to carry. In particular, changer that with the interchangeable plugs is very popular. With Interchangeable plugs, it can be replaced at any time and can be used almost all over the world.
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