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Charger For Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment is the general term used for industrial production, testing, transportation and other products.

For example, materials transport vehicles, warehouse sorting cars, industrial surveillance cameras, industrial backup power supplies, etc. What is commonly used are the LiFepo4 batteries and lead-acid batteries. Industrial equipment often has a great demand for power and can be in the working state for a long time.

Such as industrial use standby power emergency light, because of being placed for a long time, and working in the event of blackouts during the emergency, it requires light to own a large capacity, and low self-discharge loss, which always chooses the lithium iron phosphate batteries. With the development of e-commerce, the logistics enterprises are becoming more and more stretched, and the logistics limitation become an important factor in restricting the development of e-commerce.

The AGV can greatly speed up the sorting rate and improve the efficiency of logistics, which requires a high power charger, such as 48V 3A lead-acid battery charger. Xinsu Global charger is currently up to 210W and has the safety certification issued by the authoritative certification authority. The certification of PSE, CE, GS, and UL of TUV,  a professional manufacturer of chargers.

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