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65W Wall plug adapter

AC Input:65W EU Plug AC Input: 65W US plug AC Input: 65W UK plug AC Input: 65W AU plug
Size:L117.61*W56.65*H44.5MM Size:L117.61*W56.65*H44.5MM Size:LL117.61*W56.65*H44.5MM Size:L117.61*W56.65*H44.5MM
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Drawing Download Drawing Download

Features of 65W Wall plug in AC adapter

  • Up to 65W
  • Designed in the USA, Made in China
  • Global Certificates.
  • Case Material: PC, GE brand
  • Fully sealed by ultrasonic welding.
  • Capacitor imported from Taiwan.
  • AC input: US,EU,UK,AU,CN,JP,KR,AR,IN,BR,SA etc.
  • Protection: Over Load/Over Voltage/Over Current/Over Temp/Short-Circuit.
  • With or Without LED indicator can be choice.
  • Meet Energy Efficiency VI, Comply with CEC VI, DOE VI.
  • Comply With The Newest Safety Standard: UL62368, EN62368, IEC62368.
  • Customized Label and DC connector.
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