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Intelligent Terminal Charger

Intelligent terminal also named smart terminal that refers to the intelligent hardware of embedded system, which is convenient to carry and has a network communication interface. It can be divided into home intelligent terminal, 3G intelligent terminal, digital conference intelligent terminal, financial intelligence terminal. Such as, home monitoring intelligent terminal, handheld POS, warehouse data collector, tablet computer, etc.

Generally it has the following general functions. Data collection, data processing, data transmission, and some other data preservation functions. In order to be portable and not limited by location, some intelligent terminals have integrated GSM communicating functions.

Intelligent terminal makes our life more easy and more safe. When you leave home, you can see everything in your room on your mobile. When you check your warehouse, you can get all the product information, quantity, position and so on from your material intelligent manage terminal and so on.

Most intelligent terminals have integrated battery modules that are easy to carry or use as backup energy. This will require additional chargers to match the charging. Xinsu Global intelligent terminal charger with advantages below: high efficiency, small temperature rise, small volume, authentication all, really safe and reliable.

We provide service to world famous brands, Iran Tosan, Bulgaria Zitnit, U.S. Control4, etc. The commonly used chargers are 7.5V 3.3A, 9V1A, 9.5V 4A and so on.

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