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Compressed nebulizer


The noise of the atomizer is an important index of its quality. Noise will affect the patients' mood that is already not good.
The noise should be within 65 decibels for a good quality compressed atomizer.


Vibration is companied with noise. In general, if the noise is big, its vibration is also big.


The noise and vibration come along with the issue of heat. The bigger the noise and vibration of the machine are, the more the heat generated.
Therefore, the nominal power of the compressed atomizer is not the bigger the better.
For high power but noisy (vibration, heating) machine, most of its energy is wasted.

Atomized particles

Atomized particle size is directly related to the atomization effect, small size (less than 2.5 microns) of atomized particles can achieve the lower respiratory tract and alveoli.


As a household tool, the volume of the atomizer is also the considered factors for home user. Smaller volume is more convenient to carry. If you need a business trip during atomization treatment, this is more important

The design and appearance

The power adapter for atomizer is 5V0.4A nebulizer power adapter, 5V1A atomizer power adapter, 24V0.5A nebulizer power adapter, 24V1A nebulizer power adapter, 24V0.9A nebulizer power adapter, 21V0.9A nebulizer power adapter, 21V1A atomizer power adapter. For safe and reliable power adapter, high efficiency and energy saving are the most important. Xinsu Global only makes safe power supply products that all power adapters are made of the materials from brand suppliers. Main Export Markets: Europe, America, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, China. The product covers a range of 3W-220W, output current 0.3A-11A, output voltage 3V-73V, With UL, FCC, CUL, CB, CE, GS, SABS SAA, C-tick, RCM, PSE, PSB, SII, BSMI and CCC certificates. Xinsu Global takes the lead in launching grade VI energy consumption products which are well accepted by customers all over the world.
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