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Charge phones before the power is running up

Generally, we hold the view that it is better to charge the battery of mobile phones when it totally runs up. It is basically right, because the battery used before is made from nickel cadmium (NiCd), which has a memory effect. If the battery is charged before it is out of power, the battery life will be greatly reduced. That explains why we would charge until the last minute. But the majority of mobile phones and digital products now use lithium (Li) battery, which has no memory effect. And the previous behavior may lead to the instability of the internal chemical structure of lithium battery and reduce its service life.

Do not answer the phone when it is charging

When the mobile phone is charging, there are potential dangers to answer the phone. Mobile phones are the most commonly used modern invention. However, it is compulsory for us to be alert to the potential dangers.

Chargers for mobile phones include 5V 2A USB portable charger, 5V 1A quick charger, 5V 2.1A charger for smart phones, and 9V 2A portable charger, etc. Xinsu Global is a professional manufacturer of power charger; all kinds of inquiries are welcomed.
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