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Charger For Folding Electric Vehicle

Comparing with other bicycles or electrical bicycles, the smart folding electric bicycle is superior due to the following features:

  • The scaling function of the whole supporting tube and the self-lock function;
  • The super convenient function of saddle folding;
  • The super convenient rudder folding function;
  • The function of saddle supporting tube folding and self-lock as a whole;
  • The function of rear wheel folding and subsequent self-lock function;
  • The great handling performance;
  • The unparalleled rigid design;
  • The modern and unique exterior design;
  • The high-tech nano painting and micro-arc treatment;
  • The function of separating and seamlessly converting manpower and electricity of the automatic clutch;
  • The function of crank folding;
  • The unique drinking cup holder;
  • And the lightweight design.

Chargers for the folding electric vehicle include 16.8V 8A charger, 36V 5A charger, 42V 5A charger, 12.6V 7A charger, 12.6V 8A charger, 36V 4A charger, 14.6V 7A charger, 14.6V 8A charger, 72v 2A charger and so forth. As a professional manufacturer of power supply products, Xinsu Global provides worldwide customers with practical and reliable adapters and chargers.
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