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Heating Product Charger

With the development of technology, our life is being gradually changed. A long time ago, when we were cold in winter, we would only wear more clothes or make fire to solve the cold problem, which is not very convenient.

There are many kinds of wearable heating products in the market, such as heating clothes, heating belt, heating blanket, etc.

The heating clothing integrates a variety of functions, besides the most basic heating, it can also provide mobile phone charging and other functions, which is equivalent to the combination of warm function and power bank.

The wearable heating device, in addition to providing heat to keep warm, can also alleviate the pain in the disease, which is very convenient practical.

Most wearable heating devices are powered by lithium batteries, and 1-2 cells in series of 18650 lithium batteries, which are relatively small, and can be recharged repeatedly and have a long continue use life.

Xinsu Global lithium heating product charger, whose appearance is beautiful, the volume is relatively small, and it is easy to carry, convenient to use. Have got the IEC 60950, IEC 61558, IEC 60335 and IEC 62368 four major system certificated standards. It is a professional manufacturer of safety standard approved power adapter. UL, FCC , PSE, CE, SAA, RCM, C-tick, CCC, KC, PSB certifications are available.

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