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Electric Scooter Charger

When we mention the skateboard charger, it refers to a traditional skateboard that USES electric skateboards rather than a leg to power them. The speed can be controlled by a hand-held throttle or weight-sensor controls and the direction of travel is adjusted by tilting the board to one side or the other. The electric scooter is a personal vehicle based on the original skateboard, which can control the speed and direction through hand-held controllers or gravitational induction. Skateboard with battery driven will be much faster and much wider range than tradition skateboard.

Batteries, however, seem to still be a limiting factor to a majority of modern electric skateboard designs. Since range and speed are determined by the size, power, and number of battery cells, many electric skateboard manufacturers use longboard decks to fit more battery cells. That ask larger charge current. Xinsu Global Electronic now have battery charger with power up to 200W, that means for the same voltage, there are larger currents to choose. Such as the 29.4V lithium battery charger, the largest current is 7 amp for us. You can use this charger for the larger capacity battery packs.

We provide chargers for the ONEWHEEL, YIKEBIE, WHEELHEELS famous manufacturers. 58.4V LiFepo4 battery chargers, 29.4V Lithium battery charger, 42V Lithium battery charger, 24V Lead acid battery charger and so on are commonly used on the electric skateboards.

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