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Charger For Energy Storage Products

The energy storage devices mean that the Rechargeable battery storage products at this moment.

A rechargeable battery, comprises one or more battery cells. It is known as a 'secondary cell' because its electrochemical reactions are electrically reversible. Rechargeable batteries come in many different shapes and sizes.

Rechargeable batteries have advantages on the lower cost of use and environmental protection than the non-rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable batteries have higher initial cost but can be recharged very cheaply and used many times.

Common rechargeable batteries:

  • Lead–acid battery: Lead-acid batteries hold the largest market share of electric storage products. A single cell produces about 2V when fully charged, charger voltage is about 2.43V
  • Ni-MH battery: It is a kind of common consumer and industrial batteries. A Single cell battery voltage is 1.2V, charger voltage is 1.43V
  • Lithium-ion battery: It has been chosen in many consumptive electronics and have one of the best energy-to-mass ratios and a very slow self-discharge when not in use. A Single cell battery voltage is 3.7V, charger voltage is 4.2V
  • The energy storage is used for many products, UPS, emergency lighting system, car emergency starter, power bank, etc
  • Common battery chargers are the 12V 24V 36V lead-acid battery charger, 14.6V 29.2V LiFepo4 battery charger, 25.2V 29.4V Lithium battery charger

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