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Automatic Serve Machine Charger

Applying friction batting, automatic ball machines are, to a great extent, authentic. Due to the adjustment of speed and frequency, the top spinning ball and non spinning ball are greatly actualized while the performance of the back spinning ball is relatively unsatisfying. Although we can use the two-wheeled machine to adjust the speed of the upper and lower wheel in order to increase or reduce the rotation speed of balls, there are still some differences if compared with reality. Different brands have different levels of authenticity. There is no doubt that the high-end products are relatively more authentic.

The ball machine can precisely serve balls with the same rotating force and locate the balls within the designed range of falling spot, or serve a combination of balls with different rotating force and falling spots. The biggest difference between man and the machine is that it can provide people with continuous practice for a long time.

The chargers of the automatic ball machine are 14.6V 1.8A LiFeCOPO4 battery charger, 14.6V 4.8A LiFeCOPO4 battery charger, 12V 3A battery charger and 12V 10A battery charger, etc. Xinsu Global produces power supply products, the power of which ranges from 3W to 220W, with the voltage from 3V to 73V and the current from 0.3A to 11A. the products are in line with the latest safety standards such as IEC62368, IEC60065, IEC61558, and IEC60335.

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