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Charger For Measuring Tools

The calibrator changer is a kind of calibration of the laboratory for correction and measure. Most are a battery-powered instrument that can measure and output signals, mainly in industries and laboratories.

The calibrator is very strict with precision and repeatability, and the external factors should be avoided at work. Therefore, the calibrator charger should have a good EMI anti-jamming ability, and can' t introduce external interference and influence the analysis of calibration. The commonly used calibrators are powered by rechargeable Ni-Hi batteries.

Large capacity of nickel metal hydride battery monomer, the steady discharge, small heat, long service life, as well as good security, but Ni-Hi batteries have "memory effect", after using a period of time, it should be put on a full discharge and full charge. Shenzhen Xinsu Global electronic calibrator charger, has excellent overpressure, overflows, short circuit protection features, good security, quick charging efficiency, small temperature rising and other advantages.

The main production of Ni-Hi battery charger is 7.2V, 14.6V, 29.2V and other Nickel-Hydrogen battery chargers.

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