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Air Purifier Adapter

  • Pure purification type air purifier. If you are in the area with relatively moderate indoor humidity, choosing this type is ok.
  • The humidifying purification type. If you are located in a dry area, or higher requirements for air quality, choosing and buying an air purifier with humidifying purification function will be the most suitable choice.
  • The intelligent air purifier. If you like automation and intelligent monitoring air quality, to choose a kind of intelligent air purifier is the best choice.
  • The vehicle type air purifier. If it is used for air purification inside the car and it can especially be placed in the car, choose this car air purifier.
  • Desktop air purifier. It is placed on the desktop to purify the surrounding air within the scope of desk. It's an air purifier to protect the person's health near the desk.
  • Large and medium-sized air purifier. It is mainly suitable for the indoor occasions with a larger area.
Power adapter for air purifier: 5V1.5A power adapter for air purifier, 9V1A air purifier power adapter, power adapter 12V1A for air purifier, 12V2A air purifier power adapter, 12V2.5A air purifier power adapter, 13V0.4A power adapter for air purifier, power adapter 24V1A for air purifier, 24V2.7A power adapter for air purifier, 36V0.3A air purifier power adapter, 36V3A air purifier power adapter, and so on. If you have any other requirement, welcome to contact Xinsu Global, a manufacturer specialized in the production of safety power supply products. All models are FCC, PSE, KC, CB, CE, RoHS, GS, SAA, C-Tick, Cul, UL approved, and the power components are purchased from qualified agents or original factory, which makes sure the materials can go through the proper channels. Xinsu Global is a reliable and responsible company that only does products with safety standard and would like to do business with customers all around the world.
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