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Digital Product Charger

More and more digital circuits are applied to daily products. Compared to old analog circuits, costs of digital circuit are low, work is accurate and reliable, so digital products are popular with consumers, so that more digital products can be launched by merchants.

For example, digital photo frame, camera, vidicon, digital camera, audio, Set-Top Box, scanner, digital telephone, satellite receiver, etc, these digital products have the advantages of small volume and low cost. Typically, most of what we call a digital product charger are constant voltage power adapters, in which are built into digital products with a DC to DC charge circuit. Such as mobile phones, digital photo frames, stereos, set-top boxes, satellite receivers. There are also some lithium and LiFepo4 batteries, which need to be charged directly by the external chargers.

Xinsu Global charger is highly efficient, low-ripple safety and complete certification. Especially according to the products with the high sensitive touch screen, cooperating with Xinsu Global digital charger, it is easier to obtain the whole authentication.

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