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IT Fast Class Adapter

IT is the abbreviation of Information Technology, containing the modern computer, network and communication Technology in the field of Information. The widespread application of IT is a sign of entering the information society. Network, network game, and software are parts of IT industry. Different people and different books have different explanations for IT. But almost everyone agrees with a view that IT has the following three parts:
  • Sensor technology, which is the extension and expansion of human sense organs. The most obvious example is the bar code reader;
  • Communication technology, which is the extension and expansion of human nervous system, undertaking the function of passing information;
  • Computer technology, which is the extension and expansion of human brain function, undertaking the function of information processing.
In general, IT industry is about electronic products, such as computers, cell phones, projectors, printers, and all devices related to computer are called IT products.

IT industry refers to the industry engaged in these products, and network, software. As a professional manufacturer of power supply products, power supply products from Xinsu Global have passed the latest standard of IEC62368, which is the replacement of IEC60950 and the combination for IEC60950 with IEC60065. Xinsu Global provides reliable power adapters for IT information products. There are more than 2000 models with a range of 3W-220W, 3V-73V, and 0.3A-11A that wall plug and desktop are all available. Moreover, Xinsu Global is committed to providing safe and reliable power adapter products at the beginning, all are CE, ROHS, GS, SAA, C-Tick, CUL, UL, FCC, PSE, KC, CB approved, and the safe power components are purchased from qualified agent or original factory, which makes sure the materials can go through the proper channels.
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