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Beach Car Charger

All Terrain Vehicle, shorted as ATV, is also known as the "All-Terrain Four-Wheel Off-Road Vehicles". ATV can travel on all terrains, among which some are difficult for ordinary vehicles to reach. The vehicle is simple and practical, with good off-road performance. Generally, ATV is not equipped with hoods. With good quality and performance, ATV is not only able to drive on beaches, but also river beds, forests, streams and even deserts. Working as a transport gives a full play to its functions. It deserves the title of "almighty vehicle".  ATV was firstly involved in a off-road racing game, but gradually it has become a practical vehicle used in both games an lives. There is no doubt that ATV is a great vehicle and one of the great inventions of mankind.

Battery chargers for the All Terrain Vehicle are:73V and 2A lithium battery charger, 67.2V and 1A lithium battery charger, 67.2V and 2A lithium battery charger, 67.2V and 3A lithium battery charger,29.2V and 1.5A battery charger, 29.2V and 2A battery charger, 29.2V and 3A battery charger, 44V and 2A battery charger, 44V and 3A battery charger, 44V and 4A battery charger, 29V battery charger and 72V battery charger, etc. For more models of the chargers for ATV, welcome to contact Xinsu Global, a professional manufacturer of battery chargers. The quality of our products are well guaranteed since it is certificated by different safety standards.

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