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Robot Charger

Robot is a multidisciplinary that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer skill and others.

The robot can be used in many environments. The service robot, the entertainment robot, the education robot, the industry robot, the agriculture robot and the medical robot. For example, the education robot will help student know about the robot technology hardware and the software, increasing interest in technology learning. The industry robot will help release labor force. The medical robot will help patients recover. Robot makes our future better.

Shenzhen xinsu international charger is widely used in the robot industry. For the education robot, 7.2V 500mA interchangeable plug Ni-NH battery charger, 8.4V 1A lithium battery charger, 8.4V 2A lithium-ion battery charger, 12.6V 1A li-ion charger, lithium poly battery charger 12.6V 2A. For the entertainment robot, power adapter 20V 3.25A. For the medical robot 25.2V 5A charger, 29.4V 7A li-ion battery charger, 58.8V 2A exoskeleton robot battery charger.etc

For the robot, battery charger should have good EMC performance to help the robot get the whole machine robot certification. Xinmilian international electronics is more experienced in this area. Xinmilian international electronics has cooperation with many well-known robot brands. Lego, future partner, Suitx, titanium meter, step, etc. The annual output robot charger reaches 2 million.

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