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Notes For Purchasing 6W AC adapter

1. Be sure to learn input voltage range of your power adapter. World's universal AC100 - 240V voltage input is best, so as to avoid that your computer can not be used abroad.

2. Be sure to know the output voltage and current of your power adapter.

It is best to exactly match the nominal voltage and current of your power supply. Although the output voltage and current of the power supply have a small range of variation, the over-voltage and over-voltage protection points are precisely set by the manufacturer. Different computers have different load resistance values. Once the computer experiences some circuit failure, The power adapter can protect it. If you choose a non-nominal voltage and current power adapter, because the over-voltage over-current protection point settings are not the same, you may not be able to protect the computer.

3. Be clear the aperture size and inside and outside difference between positive and negative of your power adapter DC output line end, do not find that the plug does not go in until you go home.

Xinsu Global Electronic Co., Limited aims to continue to provide energy efficient environmentally well-known brand Xinsu global adapter combined science and technology with safety as the foundation. All Xinsu global staffs are trying our best to build your trust through our service and quality adapters. If you have the inquiry of power supplies, ac adapters, transformers, just feel free to contact us at Our sales person will reply you in 24h. Thank you very much again to be interested in our company, we are looking forward to hearing from you.
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